Learning in a corporate context will require significantly more personal responsibility from employees in the future. In order to design learning and learning processes self-organized, it is important to know how you can learn best and how you can use your strengths.

– What type of learner are you?
– How do you best motivate yourself?
– How can you better deal with difficulties in the learning process in order to achieve your learning goals?
– What do you need from your environment and what requirements do you have for learning coaches?

This analysis gives you information about your individual learning behavior and your learning preferences.

Discuss the results with your learning coach or with us.

Self-analysis including evaluation: € 19.92 plus VAT.

Optional: Telephone learning coaching: 90 € for 30 minutes

Start your individual learning competence analysis right here: LINK

LEKAF Learning competence analysis now available in Englisch

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